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RollBAK G2 Tonneau Cover

RollBak G2 Tonneau Cover
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RollBak G2 Video Review

"RollBak G2 is the best deal going on an all metal, retractable tonneau cover."

"There is no option for an electric powered remote RollBak G2."

"This is the only retractable cover that will give you access to your stake hole pockets and lets you mount accessories like bed rails, pop up tie downs and rack systems."

Todd Product Expert

Todd is a product expert that knows vehicles and truck accessories like the back of his hand.

RollBak G2 Exclusive Features

Bak Industries takes a step into the retractable tonneau cover market with the RollBak G2. This favored design has been around since the 80's and Bak decided to put their own spin on it. The cover has a small average canister size compared to other retractable covers and offers a felt underside as a unique way of avoiding scratches when the cover is rolled onto itself inside the canister. The RollBak G2 is simple to use and just as strong as any other Bak product.

When a flipping cover isn't what you're looking for, but want to stick with Bak covers for their quality service and quality products, the RollBak is the way to go. You can get a Bak Expert on the line within minutes to answer any questions just by giving us a call. We'll be waiting.

RollBak G2 Intermittent Locking Position

Intermittent Locking Positions

The cover can locked into position halfway up the rails or wherever you choose when you install the cover.

RollBak G2 No-Drill Install Clamps

Clamp-On Rails

Roll-Bak installation is simple and only requires minor drilling into the truck bed to secure the cannister.

RollBak G2 Felt Underside

Marine Grade Felt Underside

Felt underside prevents scratches to the top panel while rolled up in the canister. Marine grade to resist mold.

RollBak G2 Small Canister

Small Canister Size

Bak used a very small canister to store the tonneau cover. Canister size will be 9 to 12" deep depending on the vehicle.

RollBak G2 Water Drainage System

Water Drainage System

Water is guided down the rails and out of the canister with drainage tubes.

RollBak G2 Powder Coat Finish

Textured Powder-Coat Finish

Interconnected aluminum slats are powder coated for a durable, textured finish.

Warranty: With an Industry Leading Warranty, Bak wants to make sure you are happy with your tonneau cover. As one of Bak's favorite authorized dealers, buy from us and you get full warranty benefits. The RollBak gets a 2 year warranty that guarantees the cover against damage caused by manufacturer defects.

Product At A Glance
Panel exterior: Aluminum top with Felt bottom Weight rating: 500 LBS. - evenly distributed.
cannister: Impact Resistance ABS Plastic average size canister: 9" x 9"
Intermittent Stopping: Yes Weight of cover: 120 LBS.
Finish: Textured Black Powder-Coat Install tools: 9/16 wrench, 7/16 wrench, drill
Thickness: 1/2 inch Maintenance: Periodic greasing of rails
operation: Automatic spring tension Warranty: 2 years

TracRac BakFlip Combo

The line of Bak Industries tonneau covers are designed to work flawlessly with the TracRac G2. This exciting development solves an age old problem for those folks that have the TracRac. That's to say, that up until now, if you had a TracRac on your pickup truck, there'd be no way to have a hard tonneau cover on your truck as well.

Since most people want to be able to have the luxury of a TracRac and still lock their belongings up under a secure tonneau, BAK Industries new tonneau covers seem to be the perfect solution. Better yet, Bak Tonneaus offer full use of the entire truck bed, so not only do you get the security of a hard tonneau cover, but the functionality of full access to your truck bed as well.

BakBox 2

The Redesigned BakBox 2 is an under-tonneau toolbox designed specifically to work perfectly with a Bak Tonneau Covers. This innovative product has recently become available and is extremely popular. Use the BakBox as a tool box to store anything like your basic tools or use as an ice chest to keep drinks perfectly cold at a tailgate party or the beach! Yes, this amazing product is completely waterproof and insulated with an EPS polystyrene core. When you don't need it, it easily folds up against the bulkhead of your truck and iscompletely hidden.